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SpiceJet Technicians

                                                 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN


Job Description
  • To ensure the use of proper tools and equipment while working on the Aircraft and the equipment being used is in working order and is cablibrated if required.
  • To ensure that proper materials are used.
  • To ensure that all safety precautions are followed while working on the Aircraft.
  • To supervise the work of the helper.
  • To ensure complete cleanliness of the area around the Aircraft.
  • To maintain the tool kit issued to him by the Company is always serviceable and no tools are missing.
  • To ensure that all tools, equipment are cleared from the aircraft after finishing the work.
  • To attend the arrival and departure of the Aircraft.
  • To carry out refueling of the Aircraft while observing all procedures and precautions.
  • To Marshall the Aircraft on arrival and departure.
  • To be smart in appearance and be dressed in uniform while on duty and display his PIC.
  • To perform shift coordination activity as Technical Assistant in Line Maitenance Hangar.
  • Any other such work as may be required from time to time by the Company.
Educational & Professional Requirements
AME Diploma Holders (BAMEL Holders i.e HA & JE for A&C Stream and EIR (RT) for Avionics Stream)
ExperienceWith 2-3 Years practical experience preferably on Boeing Aircrafts
Job CodeTech
Email Idhr.engg@spicejet.com