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Airbus A350

Airbus A350

First flight year — 2013

Long-haul wide-body aircraft Airbus A350 (Airbus A350) is being developed by the European company Airbus aircraft to replace the A330 and A340. The aircraft is designed to carry 270 to 475 passengers up to 15,000 km. In this segment, the A350 will compete with the American Boeing 787.
It is planned to create three versions of the airliner: the basic A350-900, with a shorter fuselage A350-800, with a longer fuselage and larger wing A350-1000. The maiden flight of the Airbus A350-900 took place in June 2013, the first deliveries are scheduled for 2014.
Airbus A350 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Airbus A350 Specifications

Length (m)60.666.973.9
Wingspan (m)
Height (m)16.916.916.9
Wing area (m2)443443443
Maximum take-off weight (kg)245 000265 000295 000
Maximum landing weight (kg)182 500202 500225 500
Standard fuel capacity (litres)150 000150 000150 000
Range with max payload (km)15 40015 00014 800
Cruise speed (km/h)905905905
Maximum speed (km/h)945945945
Maximum operating altitude (m)13 10013 10013 100
EnginesTrent XWB,
2 x 75000 lb
Trent XWB,
2 x 87000 lb
Trent XWB,
2 x 95000 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)375420475
Passengers (2-class)312366412
Passengers (3-class)270314350
Cabin width (m)5.615.615.61