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Airbus A380

First flight year — 2005

                                          Airbus A380 Specifications

Length (m)72.7
Wingspan (m)79.8
Height (m)24.1
Wing area (m2)845
Maximum take-off weight (kg)560 000
Maximum landing weight (kg)386 000
Operating empty weight (kg)276 800
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)361 000
Maximum payload (kg)83 000
Standard fuel capacity (litres)310 000
Range with max payload (km)15 000
Maximum operating altitude (m)13 100
Take-off field length (m)2 050
Landing field length (m) 2 900
EnginesR-R Trent 970,
4 x 70000 lbAlliance GP7270,
4 x 70000 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)700
Passengers (3-class)555
Cabin width (m)5.92 - 6.58

Typical Cabin Configuration of Airbus A380