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Bombardier CRJ-1000

 First flight year - 2008 

Bombardier CRJ1000 (Bombardier SiErDzhi-1000) - the newest model of the family of regional jets, CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet) , produced by the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Canadair (later - Bombardier) since the beginning of the 1990s.
CRJ1000 is the largest member of the family and is designed to operate on regional routes vysokozagruzhennyh. Presenting an elongated version CRJ900 , the aircraft also has a number of improvements in design and onboard equipment as compared to previous models.
Currently Bombardier CRJ1000 tested and certification procedure. Start of commercial operation scheduled for mid-2010

The main characteristics of the aircraft Bombardier CRJ-1000

Length (m)39.1
Wingspan (m)26.2
Height (m)7.1
Flight data
Range with max. payload (km)2760
Max. cruising speed (km / h)830
Maximum speed (km / h)880
Ceiling (maximum altitude) (m)12,500
EnginesGE CF34-8C5A1,
2 x 6200 kg
Passenger compartment
Number of seats (economy)100
Economy seat pitch (cm)79
Cabin width (m)2.55
Cabin height (m)1.9
Aisle width (m)0.4
Seat width (m)0.44